dropp group is the holding company for a portfolio of integrated Web3 solutions and platforms. The dropp operating system applies a unique "Dream, Develop, Deploy" approach that transforms all aspects of an organization to win in the Web3 world.

We develop and deploy multiple proprietary patented innovations in AI/ML, object recognition, streaming, AR, MR, VR and crypto through our wholly-owned divisions:


droppLabs offers unique, comprehensive, and experiential Web3 capabilities, providing our clients with full-scale technical, marketing and operations services to develop and grow their communities.

droppLabs technology also powers the Total Access NFT platform, which delivers the most utility and entertainment token-based asset platforms, as well as the Web3 Total Access Fellowship which on boards new entrants into the Web3 ecosystem through an immersive educational program.


MetaReality is a 3D cityscape virtual reality, mapped over the entire surface of the globe, where users can purchase digital buildings as NFTs, curate those structures with AR and digital content, and couple those NFTs with TradFi real estate investments to provide the entire world a truly disruptive Web3 experience.


droppTV is a dynamic platform of AI / ML-enabled experiential video and digital asset shopatainment technologies, empowering consumers, creators and brands.